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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Prayers For Mommy

I just wanted to share how God continues to work in our lives. He reminds me daily of our many blessings. Sunday night Collin climbed in the bed with me and said "Mommy we need to pray for my Mommy in Uganda" I replied ok what do we pray about? His reply was "we need o pray for her leg it is hurt" . I just assumed he was talking about Sarah's polio so we prayed for her legs. You see this is different than our normal night time prayers. It usually goes like this Me: Sweet Dreams Say Your Prayers... Then we pray for EVERYTHING and Everyone ... This time Collin did not wait for our normal sweet dreams say your prayers.. He specifically wanted to pray for his Mommy's Leg. I truly believe God spoke into the heart of my son. I was at work on Monday and got a FB message from Nakigudde Sarah just saying hello. When I replied I went to her FB page.. Sarah was hit by a car Saturday and her leg is injured. I am not sure why these things amaze me because we serve a powerful and mighty God. Some may say he was talking about what we always pray for but I know the difference in his urgency to pray for his mommy's leg. I believe God speaks to each of us daily we just have to become like a child and have the faith to know and believe what we can't see. I have copied Sarah's prayer request to this post along with her post praising God after she was hit by a car. She did not complain but praised God... WOW.. PLEASE PRAY FOR SARAH COLLIN'S MOMMY IN UGANDA !

Nakigudde Sarah
Oh christ jesus you are worthy to be praised,i thank you God for protecting me after i was hit by a car,thank you so much because you shielded my leg and my life from breaking with the blood of jesus.i pray that you take away the leg pain i am experiencing now my God in jesus name,thank you God i pray this believing through your almight name of christ jesus amen!.

Nakigudde, Sarah
Hello brothers and sisters in christ continue praying for me so that my leg recovers soon because the swelling is increasing,thanks alot God bless you all.

~Sara, Children's Ministries

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