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Monday, June 2, 2014


Well, if you’ve read very many of these little articles you’ve probably noticed that I like to look up definitions of words. But it’s interesting isn’t it? We use words all the time and yes of course we know the meaning but sometimes seeing it in print again can make on think. So here we go with another definition. “A scholar, sometimes applied to the followers of John the Baptist (Matt.9:14), and of the Pharisees (22:16), but principally to the followers of Christ. A disciple of Christ is one who: 1 believes his doctrine, 2 rests on his sacrifice, 3 imbibes his spirit, and 4 imitates his example (Matt. 10:24; Luke 14:26, 27, 32; John 6:69).” Take a minute. Read that again. Which part stands out to you? For me it’s the “rests in his sacrifice and imitates his example” parts. In Derrick’s sermon series he’s talking about how the disciples were just average ordinary guys. And it’s even in the definition. They weren’t perfect. They didn’t have it all together. They had to rest in his sacrifice and imitate his example too! Cool huh?

Jessica, Creative Ministries
-June Newsletter Excerpt- 

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